Artist, Sculptor and Relief Woodcarver

 'The Enigmatic Ocean 1';carved, coloured and polished plaster ;  600mm h x 600mm x 80mm
'The Enigmatic Ocean 2'; carved, coloured and polished plaster; 600mm h x 600mm x 80mm



'Whip Splash', carved, coloured and polished plaster;  h: 120mm x 200mm x 260mm


'Three in a Boat', carved , coloured and polished plaster, h: 130mm x 200mm x 210mm


'Wind Catcher', carved, painted and polished plaster, h: 230mm x 170mm x 180mm 

                         'Sliding', carved, painted and polished plaster, h: 160mm x 150mm x 135mm                    
                                                                                    below:'Twisted Wind', carved ,painted and polished plaster, h:180mm x 150mm x 145mm

above: ' Ahead by a Head' carved ,painted and polished plaster, h: 420mm x 145mm x 145mm




above : 'A Round Ear', carved, painted and polished plaster


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