woodcarving and mantelpieces

Renaissance mantelpiece in a recent exhibition
  During the twenty years in which I have been carving professionally, I have made hand carved bespoke mantelpieces as my main occupation and have taken on decorative carving work for restorers, manufacturers etc . All products have been bespoke in the sense that every object made has been designed for purpose regarding wood type, size, form and weight and as a decorative item taking into account styles of decoration, personal preferences of the client and my own sensibility about function and the decor of the  surroundings into which the piece would be placed.Some products were made with the intention that they could be reproduced in relatively large numbers, eg applique  carvings or corbels, which would be used generally for decoration  and for their design I would apply the same criteria.
    To order a carved mantelpiece or other decorative item please ask for a price by e-mail or phone on Contact Us. All products on this page are available to be ordered as a bespoke commission or in standard sizes
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                                                     Bespoke mantelpiece including farm animals in oak
                                                     The 'Renaissance' mantelpiece in oak                              
                              The 'Classic' mantelpiece in oak  

                                                         Oak 'Volute'corbel
                                                        'Small Scroll' corbel


                                                                                                                                                      The 'Green Man'
 Fairground Organ Front 7' 6''h x 19'w
This fairground organ which now operates on the south coast was made in 1994 by David Leach, in Huddersfield,  for a client and the decorative front was designed and carved by Alan Holt for the owner in 1995.